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Challenging yourself to improve demands a lot. At MiMo Music, we aim to keep things as stress-free as possible to encourage you to relax, explore, and enjoy your sound. Group Classes provide the hesitant beginner a safe outlet to tackle new ideas with a small group of peers, or the more experienced musician an excellent refresher on the basics! Settle into a deeper comfort level with your singing or playing, or expand your horizons by tackling a new instrument or style of music.

Family ‘Music Together®’ Classes… Online!

MiMo Music is proud to offer Music Together classes for early music learners and their families! From birth, your child has been moving and making sounds– the beginnings of music-making. Early childhood education is rooted in play and community; MiMo Music family classes provide both, along with a healthy dash of fun, too!

Best of all, the whole family is involved; sibling groups are welcome and encouraged to attend together (newborn through age 5). Our active 45-minute classes include singing, dancing, and musical play that you can take home and enjoy together throughout the week.

All registered families receive a special CD of the musically and culturally diverse sampling of songs and chants to play along at home!

Making music together as a family is the best way to ensure your child achieves the foundation musical skills that will help them succeed with music classes later in life, whether piano, guitar, or singing! Join us and see how much fun that can be!

Small Group Piano Classes

Making music can feel daunting at first, but Small Group Piano Classes quickly and easily lead students into playing short songs and celebrating successes among a group of peer learners! Available for Children, Teens, and Adults, MiMo’s small group classes are ideal for beginners and provide a thorough review for more experienced pianists who may want a quick refresher. Learn to read music and understand basic music theory to take your playing to the next level.

Ready to tackle more challenging repertoire? Private Piano lessons are tailored to your individual goals.


Small Group Voice Classes

Learning to sing at MiMo Music is a social endeavor! Available for Children, Teens, and Adults, our Small Group Voice Classes provide a thorough overview of healthy voice techniques, practice habits, and music literacy. Ideal for beginners, and a helpful refresher for more advanced singers, Group Voice will give you all the tools you need for success as you move into making music on your own. Singing with peers is fun and relaxing, teaching aspiring singers to enjoy making music while working toward their goals and proving a safe space to try out different styles of singing while searching for their signature sound.

Ready to fine-tune your voice as a soloist? Consider private one-on-one Voice Lessons.

Small Group Guitar Classes

Enjoy a weekly jam session with your peers in MiMo Music’s Small Group Guitar Classes! Starting from square one, we’ll have you strumming along and understanding basic music notation before you know it. Available for Children, Teens, and Adults, small group classes provide a fun space to experiment, learn, and dabble in multiple styles of music while refining your specific goals.

Interested in playing Bass, Ukelele, or taking your solo guitar skills to the next level? Private Guitar lessons may be for you.



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Independent, and locally-owned, MiMo Music offers a well-rounded Music Education experience for learners of all styles, ages and abilities.

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