Private Music Lessons

In Miami Beach

Appropriate for both children and adults, Private lessons are your time to explore under the careful guidance of a knowledgeable professional. Your private class is all about your questions, your goals, and your process.

This is your safe haven during the week to experiment with your sound, knowing that you’ll receive honest, constructive feedback and practical, useful tips and tools designed specifically for your personality and needs.

Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Guitar lessons

Weekly Private Lessons

Whether you choose a 25 minute or 50 minute weekly lesson, your teacher will help you customize the perfect path to obtaining your goals! Private lessons are ideal for music students who want to focus on their craft and aim for continuous improvement based on their individual needs. We believe in meeting students where they are– no single method or curriculum is right for everyone. Based on your goals, previous experience, and learning style, your instructor will help you create a step-by-step system to achieving your dreams.

No goal is too big or too small.

MiMo Music Teachers can help you prepare for live performances, auditions, or recording sessions. But, no professional aspirations are required– we love helping beginners get started, too! Simply want to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in tune? To surprise a loved one with a favorite tune on the keyboard? With the help of your knowledgeable instructor, these challenges will feel approachable in no time.

By providing a predictable, recurring weekly appointment time, we’ll help you create a manageable home practice schedule. How quickly each student progresses varies based on home practice– we strongly suggest planning in at least 3-4 practice sessions per week (several shorter periods of focus are more effective than one long ‘cram’ session)! Ready to get started? Register online today.

Materials Included

There are no added expenses with your MiMo Music membership. Method books and sheet music are provided to support your success — all lesson materials are included.

We aim to keep things simple for our students. Your tuition is a flat-rate every month, and we guarantee a full, well-rounded lessons experience by supporting it with performance opportunities.

We can’t wait to see you thrive within our easy membership structure, starting at just $175 per four week session. Family and Multiple Instrument discounts are available. Register online to get started on your goals!

Performance Prep Masterclass


At MiMo Music, we strive to offer as many learning opportunities for our students as possible. In line with this goal, we invite current students to join our Masterclasses prior to participation in our public Student Showcase events. These gatherings are exclusively for our member students of all instruments. This unique collaborative environment encourages the exchange of ideas as selected student performers share their work under the guidance of Master Teachers.

Why Masterclasses when I’m already taking Private Lessons?

Masterclasses are a great chance to gain new insights, and to see firsthand how different tools affect different performers. Come to watch and be inspired, or choose to perform and gain active performance practice in the safest possible environment– among your supportive teachers and peers. Join MiMo Music today to catch our next Masterclass!

Student Showcase Events


MiMo Music students have several opportunities each year to show what they’ve learned! Learning new skills isn’t easy, so we believe in supporting our students by showcasing them frequently so that they can receive the applause and accolades they deserve.

As any performer can attest, things don’t always come out in live performance the way they do in the practice room. This means that certain aspects of performing can only be learned by frequent attempts! For this reason, we encourage all students to participate in Student Showcases whenever possible. By performing, students learn:

  • Stage Presence
  • Stage Fright Management
  • Microphone Technique
  • Interacting with your Audience
  • Choosing Songs that Make the Best Performances

Whether you’re terrified at the idea of performing or you just can’t get enough, MiMo Music’ Student Showcases are comfortable, supportive events. Surrounding by friends, family, and your peers, you can be sure that this is an audience who understands what you’re going through and wants to see you succeed! Join us for our next public event and see what a warm community you can become part of.

Ready to get started on your goals? Register online now!

Why Choose MiMo Music?

We know it’s nice to work with a private teacher and receive caring, one-on-one attention that’s customized for your needs. 

We also know it’s nice to be part of a larger community with conveniences like regular Student Showcases and simplified billing. 

That’s why MiMo Music strives to be the best of both worlds, your boutique neighborhood music school.

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